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Ottobock WalkOn

Is the Ottobock WalkOn the Right Brace for You? If you are suffering for mild to severe drop foot, then the Ottobock WalkOn may be the right choice for you. The WalkOn, ankle brace is designed to allow a more natural and symmetrical step. The posterior design allows significant...

Ottobock C-Brace

The Ottobock C-Brace Orthotic The Ottobock C-Brace was the first microprocessor knee orthotic. Utilizing sophisticated electronics and firmware, the device is aware of the users surroundings and can adjust accordingly. The end result is an orthotic device that takes the stress...

Certified Orthotist

Why a Certified Orthotist is Important   The loss of a normal functioning limb can turn a person’s world upside down. Whether it is due to an illness, a congenital concern, or a traumatic injury, it will be life altering for someone who can no longer do things the way...

Certified Prosthetist

Why a Certified Prosthetist is Important When an individual loses a limb, whether it is due to injury or illness, it is a traumatic event in life that may be difficult to overcome. The assistance of a certified prosthetist is necessary and can make all the difference. A certified...