Ottobock Genium Microprocessor Knee

Progressive O&P’s own Dan Bastian became one of the first civilian amputees in the United States to be fitted with the Genium™ microprocessor-controlled prosthetic knee system. The Genium™ was developed by Otto Bock Health Care alongside its cousin, the military-spec X-2™ knee. Years of experience with the C-Leg™ and tens of thousands of amputee users’ feedback enabled Otto Bock to make major improvements to their microprocessor-controlled knee technology. The X-2™ knee is fitted to military servicemen who have lost limbs in Iraq and Afghanistan. The civilian version of the X-2™ is the Genium™ microprocessor-controlled prosthetic knee system, and it is available today for fitting. In the few short months that the Genium™ has been available to the public, it is already changing amputees’ lives and improving patients’ freedom, independence, and comfort.

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