iWalk BiOM

i-walk BiOM

The iWalk BIOM is an active, bionic, powered ankle-foot prosthesis that provides a quantum leap forward in mobility assistance for lower-extremity amputees. Developed from technology invented at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the iWalk BIOM propels patients forward using springs that closely simulate the action of muscular tendons. The battery-powered robotics in the iWalk BiOM emulate leg muscle movement and can adapt to terrain changes. The device provides a “push-off” that propels the patient forward, which assists maintenance of a natural gait. Unlike passive prosthetic devices — which must be powered by the patient — the iWalk BIOM injects power into the gait cycle. The result is a walking experience with reduced fatigue, improved balance, and a much more natural feel. Benefits include an increase in walking speed, normalization of metabolic energy required in walking, reduction in stress on joints, and increase in comfort.  iWalk was founded in 2006 by Dr. Hugo Herr, director, the Biomechatronics Group at the MIT Media Lab.