The Progressive O&P Approach to Custom-fitted, Comfortable Upper, and Lower-limb Prosthetics

What to Expect

Everyone is different and there are as many orthotics or prosthetics treatment options as there are people.

There are myriad choices to consider when considering a treatment option, and each choice has its own benefits and concerns.  Our process is to work through these choices with you in order to design and fit your device in a way that’s best for the kind of lifestyle you want to enjoy. This process involves getting to know you — your hobbies, activities, desires, and needs. The result of this collaborative process is a solution that is individually tailored to you and your mobility and locomotion needs.

Peer Support

For those faced with or considering amputation, our Peer Amputee program — in which you’ll meet with Progressive O&P’s Dan Bastian or a patient in a circumstance similar to yours — provides personalized and individualized orientation. Sitting down and having a frank exchange with a peer — someone who’s faced the same challenges that you now face — provides fellowship, support, and candid advice that can be enormously helpful.

First Appointment

If you are faced with or considering an amputation, please contact us as soon as possible for a consultation our staff is happy to assist you in every way possible.

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