The Progressive O&P Facility; Designed from the Ground Up for Our Patients' Needs

From our reception area to the patient care rooms and the laboratory, Progressive O&P’s brand new facility was designed “from the ground up” with our patients’ needs in mind.  Our new facility is bright, spacious, and modern, with its own parking lot, a beautiful new wheelchair ramp, and an exterior awning for those rainy days.

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Reception Area

We have a comfortable reception area for our patients’ use. Our helpful staff will greet you and are available to discuss any concerns you may have regarding insurance coverage. Often, the reception area becomes an important part of the new amputee’s learning experience, because it is where they meet other patients and amputees. Lively discussions have been known to occur there on occasion.

Wheelchair-Accessible Restrooms

Our spacious restrooms have plenty of room for wheelchairs and healthcare aides.

Our New, Improved Gait Area

Progressive O&P has two areas specifically for gait (walking) observation; this is where prosthetic and orthotic devices are aligned or adjusted so that the patient walks as smoothly as possible. One room has parallel bars for initial trials of prostheses and supported walking, and we have a large open space for walking with or without assistive devices.

Symphonie Aqua System

Progressive is one of the first in the US to use the new Symphonie Aqua System by Cypress Adaptive to significantly reduce/eliminate the need for cast modifications and multiple check socket fittings. Socket fit is vital to the comfort, suspension, control, and acceptance of a lower extremity prosthesis.

Symphonie helps to consistently and accurately capture limb contours and tissue displacement. While casting with the Symphonie Aqua System, an optimal hydrostatic pressure is applied to the limb while in full weight bearing. The individual’s body weight and tissue contours under weight bearing can then transfer perfectly and evenly to the casting material, thus capturing an impression that accurately reflects the limb under full weight bearing conditions. The full contact and weight bearing that the patient experiences during the casting process also provides excellent proprioceptive feedback to the patient who can then give the practitioner valuable information concerning bony and sensitive parts of the limb before the socket is made.

On-Site Laboratory

Progressive O&P’s on-site laboratory allows our ABC-certified practitioners to supervise every aspect of the fabrication and design of our prosthetic and orthotic devices. This ensures that every device Progressive O&P provides to our patients is optimized for fit and function and is made to the highest standards of quality. The practitioner who evaluates and casts a particular patient modifies all casts for that patient; this highly personal approach to patient care is standard procedure at Progressive O&P. Our highly trained technical staff prides themselves on their top-quality craftsmanship and skill. Another reason why an on-site laboratory is so important is that most orthoses or prostheses will naturally need some adjustments during their lifetime.

Comfortable Casting and Fitting Rooms

One of the most important steps in having a prosthesis or orthosis made for you is the casting. Using plaster of paris or fiberglass, the practitioner will take a detailed mold of your limb, residual limb, or other body segment. In the laboratory, this negative mold will then be filled with plaster of paris to create a positive mold.

We now have six comfortable air-conditioned fitting rooms, all wheelchair-accessible, for the various procedures involved in fitting an orthosis or prosthesis. Each room has enough space for caregivers or family members – after all, patients tend to do better when they have the support of their family – and Progressive O&P strongly supports family involvement in our patients’ care.

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