It requires a sensitive nature and specialized skills to outfit children with custom prostheses and orthoses. It is extremely important to introduce these devices to children early on to help them adapt physically, emotionally, and socially within their peer groups. Because they are growing rapidly and can’t always communicate clearly, careful and frequent observation of a child’s progress is mandatory in these early stages.

The Progressive O&P team has a special knack for gaining the trust of children and their families. Many of us here are parents, and we appreciate that the fitting process can be intimidating for a young person. So we keep all of our interactions with young people informal and as fun-filled as possible. We use play and a love of sports (ask any kid about the Mets and he/she will have an opinion!) when we’re doing fittings for kids.

We do every thing we can to make kids feel comfortable, at home, and engaged when they come to our facility. Kids will do amazing things after they’ve gotten through the “newness” stage of the device fitting process and it’s one of our great joys to see these young people enjoy active, busy lives again.

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