An Update for Our Patients Concerning COVID-19

We wanted to let our patients and their families know about changes to our practice that we’re taking during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

  • Firstly, our office hours have been changed to 9am – 2pm. 
  • We will have half staff working for the foreseeable future to minimize contact and proximity with both our staff and patients.
  • ONLY patients that need immediate attention will be able to visit the office for the month of April.
  • We are diligently and regularly cleaning the waiting room, exam rooms, chairs, surfaces, doors, light switches, etc. between patients to limit any kind of exposure.
  • All prosthetics and orthotics are sprayed down with Lysol and biocide before and after working on them.
  • We are wearing masks and gloves throughout the day and encourage patients coming into the office to do the same or wear face-covering of some kind.
  • We will be calling patients with appointments to discuss rescheduling/canceling appointments as the weeks progress.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this extraordinary situation and please stay safe; wash your hands regularly, stay inside as much as possible, and wear a mask or face-covering in public spaces.