Ottobock 3S80 Sport Prosthesis

Ottobock 3S80 Microprocessor knee

Ottobock 3S80 Sport Prosthesis

Ottobock’s Fitness prostheses make it possible to get up and moving again.
The Ottobock 3S80 Sport prosthesis was developed specifically for athletes and is designed to allow above-knee amputees to enjoy running activities. The system consists of the Ottobock 3S80 Sports Knee Joint, the 1E90 Sprinter Carbon Foot, and the 3R204 Sport Foot Adaptor. Each of these components is durable and optimized for recreational running. The 3S80 is designed to handle a controlled stand and swing phase, pre-flexion, and support when walking up stairs over obstacles.

Features include:

  • Intelligent static stance
  • Sitting recognition
  • Sport Knee Joint – It features powerful rotation hydraulics optimized for running sports, tailored to master even high stride rates. The knee joint is available in two versions: 3S80 Sport and 3S80=1 Sport with low-viscosity oil.
  • Runner – The Runner is characterized by a resilient, lightweight carbon spring, which provides runners with a high level of propulsion and enhanced stability when turning corners. By moving the adapter along the carbon spring, the dynamic response and spring stiffness of the running prosthesis can be adapted to the user´s individual needs.
  • Sprinter – The carbon spring foot proves to be very resilient and also provides a high energy return. The sport foot is available in various levels of stiffness and different lower leg lengths according to your individual body weight and size.
  • Runner Soles – Two types of soles are available for the Runner. The Runner sole for recreational athletes is considered a classic all-rounder for terrains such as asphalt, gym floors, and natural trails. In contrast, the Runner spike sole is primarily geared towards performance-oriented competitive runners due to its good traction on tartan tracks.
  • Sprinter soles – Two different types of soles can be installed on the carbon spring foot: A universal sole with running shoe tread and a sole with spikes for use on tartan tracks.


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