Ottobock Kenevo Prosthetic Knee

Ottobock Kenevo Prosthetic Knee

A new option for increased confidence.
The Kenevo prosthetic knee has a built-in microprocessor. Microprocessor-controlled knees have been shown to reduce the risk of uncontrolled falls by up to 80% in moderately active persons, as well as improve the indicators of fall risk, such as fear of falling.

Kenevo is fine-tuned to support the way people walk with walkers, crutches, and canes, so it will support you every step of the way – no matter how you get there! If you sometimes use a wheelchair, Kenevo won’t get in your way. Kenevo’s wheelchair function enables you to keep adequate clearance between the prosthesis and the ground, so you can maneuver easily. Benefits include:

If it’s been three or more years since you received your MPK make an appointment today to see if you qualify for a new prosthesis.
  • Stand and walk securely
  • Change positions with ease
  • Move with confidence
  • Balance recovery
  • Works well with walking aids
  • Adapts to your changing needs


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